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Freeze Dried Side Dishes

At Buy Emergency Foods, you will find the best prices on freeze dried side dishes to round out your food storage program. Don’t buy food storage before you compare your options on a price per pound basis. Never buy on servings or other metrics, as not all servings are created equal. You’d find that Legacy is your best option.

  • 24 Serving Assorted Sides Sample Pack

    24 Serving Assorted Sides Sample Pack

    Legacy Premium sides dishes are delicious, healthy items that add needed nutrients and calories to your food storage and make your emergency preparations more complete. The 24 Serving Assorted Sides Sample Pack provides a 4...

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    $45.00 $38.00
  • freeze dried emergency corn storage

    60 Serving Corn Bucket

    Legacy’s 60-serving bucket of freeze-dried and dehydrated corn is filled with sweet kernels of golden goodness that will be a welcome addition to any emergency food supply. With a great flavor, 25-year shelf life, and...

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    $135.00 $115.00
  • freeze dried fruit storage

    Freeze Dried Fruit Assortment Variety Pack

    Emergency food storage is very important to have. Whether you’ve experienced an emergency in the past, or are just preparing in case of an emergency in the future, you will want to have an assortment of foods in your...

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    $220.00 $198.00
  • Food Storage Side Dishes

    Assorted Side Dishes and Vegetable Pack

    Break up the emergency food storage routine with Legacy Premium’s best-selling dried side dishes in bulk. Explore some of the best options in dried food storage with the assorted sides and vegetable bucket. Enjoy six...

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    $140.00 $125.00


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